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And surgery it is… July 5, 2011

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So, today we (my husband and I) met with the new specialist. He was very nice (sometimes unusual when you deal with the best doctors) and extremely knowledgeable. It looks like surgery is going to be the way to go (in about 6 weeks) along with an IUD (intra-uterine device). I wasn’t sure about the IUD when it was presented to me last year. After reading about the potential for uterus perforation and the fact that the IUD can affect fertility, I was thoroughly terrified. So, I opted against it.

Today, after speaking with the physician about it some more, he explained the potential side effects in greater detail. Uterus perforation is rare and doesn’t seem to be a big deal. If it happens, the uterus is stitched and it doesn’t cause an impairment in one’s ability to become pregnant. As for the possibility of infertility due to the IUD, this is the result of infection. My doctor has never seen it, but at the point of insertion, infection can happen (usually within the 1st two weeks) which, if untreated can lead to infertility. But, placement of the IUD itself, without complication, does not cause this. In addition, the doctor told us about a study where a group endo patients were treated with an IUD following surgery. Half the women had the IUD and half did not. In the half that did have it, it was shown to cause a decrease in the recurrence of endo lesion growths. I certainly hope that’s the case for me!

Following today’s discussion and explanation of the risks, in depth, I feel more comfortable to move forward with the IUD. It will be “easy” birth control in that I won’t have to remember to take a pill and there won’t be a monthly copay associated with it. So now, we count down to surgery day when things will hopefully and finally turn around for me!


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