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Weight Gain and Endo July 11, 2011

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It’s amazing how, when, my endo is at its worst, my weight is at its highest. It’s a terrible cycle.

After the birth of my daughter, I lost all my baby weight (10 lbs – I was already overweight to begin with) plus a few extra pounds. It was great to be under 200 lbs again. I maintained that weight for over a year, but, as my symptoms worsened, I began to gain weight.

When I was on Aygestin to stop the bleeding problem I was having on birth control pills, that caused a 10 lb gain in just 6 weeks. After that, I continued to gain another 10 lbs on my own. I just don’t care. When you don’t feel well, the last thing you want to do is exercise. I have been eating all sorts of junk and a justify it by saying, “I don’t feel well, so I get to eat junk.” That might be okay, but not when it’s causing weight gain. The thing that stinks is once I do feel better and will care again, I’ll have gained a lot of weight. It’s time to try to reign things in now and get them under control. I’m not really ready (not mentally anyway), but something needs to happen now!


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