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A Better Week July 18, 2011

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I don’t want to limit my posts to only when I’m not feeling well; although, I would certainly have a lot of days on which to post. For whatever reason, I’ve been a little better over the last week. Of course, I have pain; but, it’s not the terribly strong pain I have been having. While this is wonderful, I know that it is only temporary. I have had weeks like this before and it was when I was feeling like this that I had wondered if I should cancel the appointment that I had scheduled with the surgeon. But alas, the terrible pain and symptoms returned, so I was glad I did not cancel it (especially given that it was a 2.5 month wait to get that appointment).

I don’t know why I felt better this week. I think sometimes the hormones fluctuate in my favor (meaning that they cause my body to react less). In any case, I accept every small victory. It made for a lovely weekend with my husband and daughter. I also think it helped me stick to eating better this week. Regardless, I am confident that surgery is necessary and that it will improve my quality of life.


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