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Holy Sleepiness, Batman! July 27, 2011

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I am wiped. I’ve been feeling more tired than normal for some time now. I have so tired that I was convinced for a while that I was pregnant. I am not, nor do I want to be…right now, anyway.

In addition to my endo and weight issue, I also have sleep apnea. Whether the apnea is due to my weight or some other issue (e.g. physical), I have no idea. I am certain that my weight contributes to it. When I was 20 lbs lighter following my daughter’s birth, I was not this tired. Now, up 20 lbs, I am exhausted. After a 10 hour sleep last night, I am finding myself barely able to keep my eyes open at work and needing to make a Walgreens run for junk food. Ugh.

I don’t like coffee. Never did. I have tried to make myself like it, but that didn’t work either. What’s a girl to do? Caffeine doesn’t seem to have much affect on me. Maybe it does and I never realized it. But, I remember being in college and drinking a ton of caffeinated coke and it did nothing for me. Chocolate on the other hand, that definitely helps me. I guess munching on something keeps me awake and the yummy chocolateness makes me happy too. Win-win, right? Yeah, until it makes it’s way to my fat *ss. Good times.


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