Just another Gal with Endometriosis

Pre-Op Appointment, Check August 1, 2011

Today I had my pre-op appointment for surgery which is scheduled in just two weeks. I began having second thoughts. When you look at my medical history, and it is quite elaborate, I began wondering “Why am I putting myself through this again?” In a way, I was sort of treating myself as if I had volunteered to be cut open (it’s laparoscopic surgery, so the incisions are quite small) just for the fun of it. That’s not the case at all. The pain has begun to overtake my daily functions. It’s terrible. I need this surgery as it is my only hope of feeling better. That, or Lupron which I flat out refused at this point in my life and weight (much heavier now than when I took it 5-7 years ago and had considerable weight gain then).

This is surgery #12 for me. Disgusting. It’s not that bad if you figure that 4 previous surgeries were for other things (knee arthroscopy, plantar fasciotomy, septoplasty, and c-section). The other 7 (plus this one coming up for a total of 8) are all for reproductive issues – a benign ovarian tumor and all the rest are laparoscopies. It was sad that the nurse today asked me a question and I gave her a medical sounding response. She said I knew all the lingo. I guess that’s good because I’m medically informed (at least I like to be as much as possible when it comes to my health). But, at the same time, one person should not need to undergo so much surgery in their lifetime (a young lifetime at that), just to “survive.” Thankfully surgery does help and I’m confident that I will be much improved in a few weeks.

I also found it a little off-putting that my nurse today implied I should have more children because basically, I’m not getting any younger. NO KIDDING! Does she want to chip in $1,000/month for daycare? Yeah, didn’t think so. It reminds me of the Catholic Church which is so against birth control; yet, if you get knocked up, they’re not going to help you care for your kid because the Rhythm Method failed. D’oh!

The other thing I found irritating was that I met with a nurse for 30 minutes and she asked me every question in the book about my medical history. Then, I met with the doctor. She had all my history in front of her (collected by the nurse and given to her) and she too wanted to go over my history! Ugh! Talk about a waste of time. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry, but it seriously takes a while to go over my history – 11 surgeries makes it quite a long one to review!

Surgery will be at Faulkner Hospital in Boston. It’s not far from Brigham and Women’s and is an affiliated hospital. There’s no way I’d go anywhere else! The best thing about it was the cheap parking! Only $7 for all day and at BWH it’s about $25 for the day or $7 for the first 30 minutes. Ridiculous! Everything else though, seemed comparable!

Looking forward to a new me!


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