Just another Gal with Endometriosis

Week 3 Weigh In August 1, 2011

Filed under: Weight — EndoGal @ 12:49 PM

Back to square one.

I completely sabotaged myself. How? Let’s see, I ate lots of junk including candy thanks to Walgreens‘ 3 for $3 sale; Taco Bell for dinner courtesy of my husband feeling too lazy to cook (not complaining, just giving an explanation); McDonald’s Happy Meal for lunch following my oral surgery and lack of desire to make or eat anything at home; McDonald’s Happy Meal for dinner because my husband got out of work late; Cheesecake Factory lunch on National Cheesecake Day – so of course, I got a slice to go!; and, a Reese’s Pieces 3 Scoop Sundae from Friendly’s for dinner on Sunday night. Yummy – yes. Awful to my body – yes.

I wish I could control myself better. I am going to try to get back on the wagon again this week. If I stay away from the store, I should (and could) do better.

8/1 weight: 209.4 lbs.

Change: +1 lb.

59.4 lbs to go.


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