Just another Gal with Endometriosis

One Week To Go August 8, 2011

Filed under: Endo — EndoGal @ 10:46 AM

Image by tanakawho via Flickr

One week from today, I will be under the knife. I am looking forward to a new me!

I had an absolute awful time last week and I don’t expect this week to be any better. I am officially off any sort of pain medicines. I took the occasional Vicodin to help with pain, but I won’t be anymore. The doctors said I could take them up until a few days before surgery, but given that they recommend stopping all medications a week prior to the big day, I think it’s a smart idea to keep as much crap out of my system as possible.

So, I guess I’ll be moping around the house trying to “suck it up.” Or, I’ll be a lunatic trying to get everything clean and organized and trying to ignore the fact that I feel like dying.


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