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Week 4 Weigh In August 8, 2011

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Funfetti Cake

Image by apocaknits via Flickr

I just reviewed last week’s weigh in numbers and I guess this week was an even bigger failure than last. FML.

I gained two pounds despite trying to eat better all week. My downfall? A drumstick ice cream cone nightly. I don’t think this weekend helped me either. Ordered pizza on Friday because we had company (and we hadn’t eaten out all week, so we treated ourselves). Then, we had more company on Saturday, so we ordered Chinese and had the leftovers on Sunday.

Perhaps the Funfetti cupcakes didn’t help either. I only had 4 or 5 all weekend.

Back on track today. But then again, I seem to be saying that every Monday.

8/8 weight: 211.4 lbs.

Change: +2 lbs.

61.4 lbs to go.


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