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Making Progress…Sort of… August 23, 2011

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Today, I finally began feeling almost 100%! Yay!

My pain became much more intermittent and weaker. Finally, some progress. I have no more gas pain or bloating which means I basically feel back to my regular self. Regular self? I haven’t felt that way in ages and it’s nice. Sadly, my regular self has been me suffering from endo/adhesions, so I’m happy to se this change!

I hadn’t even taken any pain meds today (I’m down to 1 pill, 1x a day for pain) and was hoping to keep it that way. I was feeling so great that I decided I no longer was going to restrict myself. So, with ease, I picked up my daughter to change her diaper and took her out of her high chair this evening. No big deal. As I cleaned up after dinner, I had so much pain that I called my husband in to help with cleanup. The pain continued for a while. My incisions hurt; my ovary hurt and felt as if something was pulling on it. Really, I thought to myself? But, I feel great…what’s going on? I can’t lift my daughter yet? This is ridiculous – she is all of 22 lbs. So I guess I have to hold off on picking her up. This is totally absurd but I have to do it or I will pay the price. I guess I will hold off until Sunday and give it a shot then, but I am truly shocked that I cannot lift her yet. This is my first laparoscopy with a child and I never thought it would be this difficult to return back to normal. I’m a bit frustrated and medicated this evening as I write this, but I’m hopeful that that will all change in a few days. Keep your fingers crossed…


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