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Headaches now? Really? August 30, 2011

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So, I think I’m going through a temporary bout of headaches. They started about 10 or so days after I stopped taking birth control pills (I got my IUD the same day). It’s quite annoying, especially on top of the abdominal pain which I continue to have. In my gut, I don’t think the surgery helped. Well, let me clarify. The doctor was able to excise existing adhesions (gee, say that 3 times fast) and he didn’t find any active endo. If my pain isn’t better, I am going to be 100% convinced that I have an adhesion problem (although I’m about 95% sure now). I’m debating getting a referral for the pain management center at my local doctor’s office. Brigham and Women’s H

ospital has one too. I’ll go to whichever one can get me in soonest. I don’t want to jump the gun. I’m going to hold off until my post-op appointment which is in 2 weeks. By then, I’ll know for sure that there’s another issue to deal with. I hope by then my headaches will be better.

It’s quite frustrating to think that surgery didn’t help my pain. It’s scary. I’m terrified of living a life of pain and/or becoming depressed and/or fatter because I just don’t care anymore. Hopefully that’s not the case, but I am preparing for the worst. I need to be proactive about this. I will not live my life in pain. As for the headaches, some Tylenol should do the trick. Hopefully they will stop soon as I’ve got enough going on!


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