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Sometimes I should listen to my Hubby! August 31, 2011

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Perhaps there’s still hope! My husband made a great point yesterday (and I even told him that). I’ve been having these terrible headaches since stopping my birth control pills. He suggested that perhaps the fact that I stopped my pills is why I’m having so much pain. It makes complete sense. Of course my ovaries would respond to the change in the hormones (having gone from continuous bcp to a hormone-less IUD).

Of course, I would call this post “sometimes” I should listen to my hubby … we wouldn’t want this to go to his head now! Oh God, imagine if he is right? That would be phenomenal for me, but then I’ll have to listen to him go on and on about how I should listen to him more, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Good thing I love him!

Stay tuned to find out who’s right (we should know in a couple of more weeks when I’ll be off  bcp for a month and I have my follow up)! For once, I want him to win!


One Response to “Sometimes I should listen to my Hubby!”

  1. EndoGal Says:

    This is the ONE time I hope he is, LOL! I can’t emphasize “sometimes” enough! 🙂 We’re going on almost 3 weeks post-op with absolutely no change. The headaches have stopped, but the ovaries are still revolting! If I’m not better in a month, then we’ll know for sure the surgery didn’t help. I am just very impatient and don’t like playing the waiting game!

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