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Alli here I come… September 3, 2011

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Alli 60 capsule starter pack

Image by Newbirth35 via Flickr

So Tuesday is a big day for me! I am going to start taking the Alli pill to see if I can do something for this awful and downward spiral into more fatness!

Today, my husband and I had plans to go for a walk. That didn’t happen. We then figured that we could walk and do some laps at the mall today. I couldn’t do it. I was glad to be pushing my daughter in her stroller because I wasn’t walking completely upright and that’s what I needed. Thankfully, the stroller masked how I was walking (sort of cro-magnon like).

Alli will help by blocking fat absorption in my body. At the least it will do two things for me: 1. I’ll be terrified to eat super fatty foods for fear of experiencing the treatment effects (in a nutshell: oily farts); 2. Block some fat from being absorbed in my body and help me to lose weight. If I can’t exercise (or don’t feel like it because I feel awful most days), this will at least be a step in the right direction.

I would have started this weekend, but figured this is my last one to go all crazy and eat like a pig for a couple more days. 🙂


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