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My Marathon Dream(s) September 3, 2011

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I had dreamed that, after the birth of my daughter, I would get to run a 5k. It’s a small run, but completely manageable at only 3.1 miles. I got sidelined with a rare-ish heart condition (which we don’t believe really affects me). Anywho, I was finally given the okay and had hoped to run it sometime this fall before it gets freezing. But, I don’t feel well. So dream #2 is on hold.

My big dream is to organize an endo 5k (and maybe call it the Run to End Endo). I live in the Boston, MA area and can’t think of a better place to have such an event. It would be a great way to a) raise $$ for endo research and b) raise awareness. But, I have no idea where to begin or if I even have the time with my crazy schedule. This is definitely something I want to do in the future and maybe once I a big enough following, I’ll be able to find more people in this area to begin organizing!

Just curious if anyone else has thought about doing something similar to raise awareness and/or money?


2 Responses to “My Marathon Dream(s)”

  1. nhsbaby Says:

    Take a peek at the Endometriosis UK website for other fundraising ideas – http://www.endometriosis-uk.org/getinvolved/fundraising_events/trek.html. I love the thought of the Pink Pants Challenge!

  2. EndoGal Says:

    Thanks so much for the link! I’d love to be able to do something, even if only on a small scale at this point!

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