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Alli – Day 3 September 8, 2011

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I officially started the Alli plan on Tuesday of this week. I’m still doing it – go me!

The Plan
Given my weight and poor level of activity, I get 1800 calories per day and 60 fat grams per day. The plan suggests 20 fat grams max per meal and snacks of 3 fat grams each, but not to exceed a daily total of 60.

Treatment Effects
So far, the treatment effects have been minimal: mostly gas! The interesting thing about Alli is that the fat that is blocked from being absorbed by your body, passes through into the stool. It’s not really gross; it just sounds it. So long as I stay within the limits of the plan, I won’t experience the really unpleasant side effects.

How I Feel
I’m feeling very hopeful! I stepped on the scale today and of course there was no change after 3 days – but at least I don’t want to kick the sh*t out of the scale! I’m doing my best to track everything I eat and planning my days accordingly. I think this is totally doable if I can continue to stick to it!

Next Steps
I’m going to weigh in weekly on Mondays. Meal planning isn’t too hard but the prep can be. With a 2 hour daily commute, it cuts back on a lot of prep time, especially when we try to eat a reasonable hour. Prepping will be key to keeping on track; otherwise, frequent trips to McDonald’s will surely sabotoge me.



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