Just another Gal with Endometriosis

JULY??? On to Plan B! September 14, 2011

O.M.G.! I was going to wait until next week to deal with my new medical mystery. But, all I could think about, as my pelvis ached last night: “What is causing this pain? If it’s not my reproductive parts (for once), then what is going wrong?” It was frustrating.

So, today I began making phone calls and researching docs. I desperately wanted a primary care doctor that was part of Brigham and Women’s Hospital (not one that was just affiliated). How did I fare? I have a fat chance in hell of getting an appointment anytime soon. And by soon, I mean by the end of the year. The one office that was accepting new patients wasn’t seeing them until JULY 2012!!! SERIOUSLY? A girl could die before she gets her parts looked at. Ugh.

On to Plan B (which I did not have until Plan A unexpectedly failed)! I’m going to stick with my current physician, but go back to another practice office which I loved. I left that location because it was a bit far from my house and I have certainly regretted it. I am excited to go back to them and I have an appointment on Friday! More information to come following that appointment, but hopefully we will get the ball rolling on figuring out what this new problem is!


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