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Alli Week 2 September 19, 2011

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Week 2 was another success! I stayed under my calorie and fat target! On Saturday, I just wanted to quit. I got tired of writing down and calculating every little thing I ate. The benefit of Weight Watchers over Alli is that you can more easily calculate the points in entire recipes (in fact, they do a lot of that for you) or they have these nice calculators that help you. For me, on Alli, I have to calculate all the fat, etc. in each ingredient I put into a recipe and it is a pain. Plus, because they don’t have any sort of “app” where I can store this info, I have to look back in my little handwritten diary: MAJOR PAIN IN THE BUTT!

So, on we trek with another week! I’m going to forgo writing everything down since I eat the same stuff every day for breakfast, lunch and snacks. The only variable is dinner and we’ve been keeping that low fat, so I’m not worried about having to write it all down. If I find that next week is a gain, I’ll go back to logging again!

Week 2 Stats:

Starting Weight: 209.8 lbs.

9/19 Weigh In: 208.8 lbs.

Change: -1.0 lbs.

1st Goal Weight: 175 lbs. (my wedding day weight)

33.8 lbs to go.


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