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I Need to Get Lucky Today September 22, 2011

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In a few hours, I am off to my ultrasound. Never have I wanted a test to reveal a medical issue more than I do today. I have mystery pain and I need to know what’s wrong and now! I know that the odds of figuring out this issue – given that my only symptom is pain and it is in a part of my body where there are a billion other organs – is going to take time. Will I get lucky? I need to get lucky! I just don’t want to go through a bunch of tests for the next 6 months (or longer) only to have the doctors rule it as endo pain. Why? Because I could’ve been getting treatment for the pain this whole time instead of suffering, on my couch, and not living life to the fullest!

Let me clarify though – I don’t want something to be wrong with me! I’d be happy to have it be endo pain, but I’d rather they figure that out now than have me have to go through a bunch of testing which is going to be dragged out forever. If it’s endo pain, then great. It sucks, but great because it’s not a new problem. If it’s something else, the way I figure it is that it’s not terrible. I’ve had the pain for 1.5 years now and nothing awful has happened to me: my blood work is always normal and I haven’t lost any weight. So, I am fairly certain that it’s not going to kill me.

I will post an update just as soon as I receive the results which will likely be Monday, but maybe…just maybe…I’ll hear something tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed…


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