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Insurance Says No October 8, 2011

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I got a letter on Friday from my insurance company. Apparently, their third party reviewer determined that I do not need a CT Scan and as a result, they will not pay for it. Seriously, if I just take myself to the ER, I’ll get answers a hell of a lot faster and it will certainly cost my insurance company a hell of a lot more. I kind of want to go this route and say “F.U.” to my insurance company. What are they recommending instead? An ultrasound, barium, scope, etc. I messaged my doctor’s office Thursday evening and have yet to hear back about our next steps.

Keep in mind that I first saw the doctor on September 16th regarding this problem and today is October 8th – 3.5 weeks later and all I’ve had done is an ultrasound which showed nothing. Ugh. Who gets screwed in this whole battle? Me. The patient.


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