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Tomorrow’s Weigh In is going to be an Epic Fail! October 16, 2011

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I do not want to get on the scale tomorrow. It is not going to be pretty. Does writing this post prepare me mentally for what I’m going to see on the scale? Probably not.

What went terribly wrong this week? Well, I think it all started with the chocolate fondue we had last week as a treat. Since we had extra chocolate leftover from Saturday’s splurge, we finished it off on Sunday. Not a good move.

We did okay until we hit the middle of this week. We had Chinese food onet night because it had been a long, crazy week. Our daughter had a case of the croup (her first one) and to call her miserable was an understatement. I was mentally cooked a couple of days into it. I think the whining is what was most exhausting. She wouldn’t tell us what she wanted – she would just whine. It was difficult. So, we got dinner that night and of course, it ended up being lunch the next day. Later that same day, we got McDonald’s because we had to drop my husband’s car off at the mechanic and were out at dinner time anyway. That was followed by pizza and cake for a family birthday party. I made brownies that I had planned to bring, but they were still hot and we had to get out of the door – so there is a tray of brownies calling our names. Thankfully we had visitors today so they’re all gone now, but not before I did quite a bit of damage on my own. Not to mention the fact that our company brought cider donuts! They are my absolute favorite.

I’ve been getting on the scale periodically and it hasn’t been pretty. I think there is at least a 1 lb gain in my future tomorrow morning and perhaps as much as 2. Ugh. Cheating is a slippery slope and I started at the top last weekend and slid right down to the bottom. Fabulous.


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  1. […] I called today’s weigh in – it was an EPIC FAILURE on my part. There’s nothing more to say about it. See earlier post for details on how it happened. […]

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