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Weight Loss (GAIN) Week 6 October 17, 2011

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I called today’s weigh in – it was an EPIC FAILURE on my part. There’s nothing more to say about it. See earlier post for details on how it happened.

Week 6 Stats:

Week 5 Starting Weight: 208.0 lbs.

10/17 Weigh In: 209.6 lbs.

Change: +1.6 lbs.

1st Goal Weight: 175 lbs. (my wedding day weight)

34.6 lbs to go.

Potential Problems for the Week Ahead:

  1. There are more cider donuts in my house. 4 to be exact. That breaks down to 2 for the hubby and 2 for me…and topped with cinnamon sugar. BAD.
  2. Hubby has dinner plans with a friend tomorrow night and that probably means I’ll get McDonald’s for me and the munchkin. BAD.
  3. We have a visitor coming this weekend, along with plans to clean out the attic. We have accumulated lots of stuff that we need to mark for a yard sale. That means there’s potential to just order a pizza in because it will be easier than cooking (since we’ll be exhausted from cleaning/organizing). Also BAD.
  4. Oh, and I’ve lost a ton of motivation now because I love eating junk food, my body is craving it and Halloween is just two short weeks away and that obviously means sabotage! What on earth is wrong with me? Seriously!

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