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What I Love About Blogging October 18, 2011

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Psalm 34:18 (Clouded Heart)

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I didn’t expect anything to come out of blogging! I figured I’d just write about my life on this empty, virtual canvas, and it would give me an outlet (other than my husband’s ear) to blab about whatever was bothering me about the medical issue of the day (that’s how it seems these days)!

Blogging is better than Facebook! On Facebook, everybody knows way too damn much about you (usually because you worked with, went to school with, or are related to these people).

On my blog, I am EndoGal. People know I have endometriosis, adhesions and some other medical mystery! I’m a 30 something year old mom and wife. I live in Massachusetts. I have issues and so do my followers and the people I follow. It’s a great way to connect with others like you. It’s an even better way to share things that are specific to what you’re going through. Nothing is better than that! Case in point: I just had a couple of great exchanges with Making Babies on the NHS – it’s a great blog and you should check it out. And honestly, it just totally made my day! It’s really awesome when you find people that you can relate to and that’s why I love blogging!


One Response to “What I Love About Blogging”

  1. Red Nelly Says:

    Yay! You made my day too :)))

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