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October Nor’easter October 30, 2011

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Grapefruit Jack-o'-lantern

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Yup, you’re reading that correctly – a Nor’easter in October. You can thank the always unpredictable New England weather for that!

I do love where I love. I love having 4 seasons and getting to enjoy so many different things: foliage, snow, and humid summers! I do not like the cold. In fact, I loathe the cold; but, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

Yesterday, in my part of Massachusetts, we were forecasted to get 6-10″ of snow. When we woke up this morning, there were about 4″ of very wet and heavy snow. A lot of it melted which means there’s going be icy roads tonight and tomorrow morning. Yuck. It’s too early for this. My husband was just wondering when he should put our car’s snow tires on and kept saying it’s too early. Then, the snowstorm hits and he can’t find the time to get them on fast enough!

What’s the worst part of all this? Well, first I have to say that I’m one of the lucky ones as far as the storm is concerned. We have no damage and never lost power (about 85% of our area has lost power). The part that stinks is that tomorrow is Halloween and some towns have postponed trick-or-treating due to the poor conditions (trees and power lines down, messy sidewalks, etc.). Next weekend, we were planning to be out of state and now that’s when “Halloween” will be for our town. Boo. What’s even worse than that? Hmm…the 3 bags of candy I got on sale and with a coupon yesterday when I went grocery shopping. One week with 3 bags of candy. NOT GOOD!

Oh well! We will still be able to get to the mall for their Halloween trick-or-treating and we may go visit a friend if Halloween is “still on” in their town. Oh wait a big pain in my butt! On the bright side, my daughter gets to experience a longer than normal Halloween and will get to wear her costume 2x in a week! That will be fun!


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