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Barium + EndoGal = Epic Fail November 1, 2011

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I finally had my CT scan yesterday! Let me preface this by saying that I’ve had a CT Scan before (many years ago) with barium contrast and it was uneventful. The same was not true this time around; I am a hot mess!

I was given two barium drinks – one was banana and the other was berry flavored. I like bananas, but I do not like banana flavored things. I couldn’t wait to finish it so that I could get to the Berry. Oh my goodness, the Berry was even worse than the banana. Gross. I had my scan and even had dye injected in me. That was all fine.

Berry Smoothie

Yup, that's the gross stuff I drank on Monday!

On my way home, I stopped to get something to eat because I was most definitely hungry. We took the munchkin trick or treating (she was the cutest little monkey) and I had some chocolate too. All was fine until I woke up in the middle of the night with nausea. I tried propping myself up to see if that helped and I also tried some tums. I was just falling asleep when I leapt out of bed, ran to the toilet and began vomiting. I think I scared my poor husband who was sound asleep. I felt better after that, but then began the stomach pain and pelvic pain.

I wasn’t sure what to do when I finally woke up about 3 hours later. I am so busy at work, but I could not get out of bed. I didn’t even look at my daughter this morning, that’s how sick I was. How I drove myself to the doctor that was 30 minutes away (45 minutes today because of rush hour), I have no idea. My husband was going to drive me, but he really needed to get my daughter off to daycare and there was no way that I’d get to my appointment in time.

I got to the doctor’s office where I received excellent care! Once I arrived, my vitals were taken. I had a low grade temp, normal blood pressure, but extremely high pulse – 140 b.p.m. The nurse even said “What the heck?” I joked around with her and said “let’s not try to scare the patient.” I had no idea my heart was racing. I already have an arrhythmia known as Long QT Syndrome, so this was especially worrisome for the doctor. I thought I was going to end up at the hospital, but thankfully didn’t. I’m also glad that I didn’t go sit in an ER all morning. I went to the doc and got all the care I needed right there! They gave me fluids, ran an EKG and blood work. The labs confirmed that I was sick due to the barium (how they know this, I have no idea). They really took awesome care of me today – I even got a blanket and a pillow as I received my IV.

I felt much better by the time I left and have been at home resting. I feel pretty gross, but I finally ate dinner tonight. All that Halloween candy is calling my name, but I just can’t stomach it right now.

Oh, and the kicker to all of this sickness following that stupid test? Oh yeah, the CT scan was normal! I am completely shocked. I thought for sure that I was going to get an answer! As I said yesterday to the tech, I’m not looking for a problem – just an answer to my pain.

So, back to square one on that front. My doc may just up my Cymbaltadose (I’m on it for anxiety, but it is also

used to treat IBS) and see if that helps. I may also see a gastroenterologist. The P.A. I saw today thought that I could just have pelvic pain and that’s it. I’ll accept that diagnosis once everything else is ruled out. But at the same time, how much further do I want to keep going with all this testing. This last test has pretty much knocked me on my butt.

I’m pretty frustrated by all this, especially how sick I got due to the barium. I should be better in a couple of days. I’m off to send my doc an e-mail and see what she recommends about figuring out the pelvic pain. On the plus side, the lack of eating might help me drop a pound or two!


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