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Weight Loss Week 10 – Still Doing It November 14, 2011

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I have no idea how I lost any weight at all this past week, but somehow I did and I’ll take it! Why? Well, I enjoyed lots of Halloween candy, as well as homemade pumpkin bread! Luckily, I gave away most of the pumpkin bread, so I was only left at home with a small loaf and my daughter fell in love with it as well, so….less for me to eat!

Week 10 Stats:

Week 9 Starting Weight: 208.0 lbs.

11/14 Weigh In: 207.6 lbs.

Change: -0.4 lbs.

1st Goal Weight: 175 lbs. (my wedding day weight)

32.6 lbs to go.


One Response to “Weight Loss Week 10 – Still Doing It”

  1. spicyt Says:

    Good for you! Take all ya can get however ya can! Losin weight is HARDWORK! Keep pluggin away!

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