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Beachbody Challenge – Week 2 February 10, 2012

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Oh no! I just realize that I have not updated on my weight loss in a couple of weeks. So sorry! I have just been so busy with life that I completely forgot to post. So sad. Anywho, here are the latest updates…

I’ll be honest – Week 2 was a little disappointing. I had hoped to have a bigger loss following last week’s 2.8 lb loss. Thankfully, I just watched the Biggest Loser – Week 2, and it reminded me that the second week is never as good as the first week. This past week was a really good one, nutrition wise. I finally like Shakeology (with Almond Milk), and had it every day but Friday. On Friday, I decided to have a bowl of cereal. Afterall, once Shakeology is done, I’m going to go back to having breakfast in the morning (instead of a shake). It’s a bit too pricey for me to keep it going month after month. I ate a lot of fruit (not so much veggies because I just don’t like them), added some nuts for a snack, and ate a tremendous amount of fiber! I stuck with my chicken, bacon and lettuce wraps, but am planning on some light chicken caesar wraps this week for lunch! On the weekends, I have been allowing room for some indulgence. Yesterday, we went to Chili’s and I got a half rack of ribs. BIG MISTAKE! Why? First off, I really didn’t enjoy it. There’s nothing worse than deviating from eating healthy and not enjoying it. What a waste of calories/fat intake! Second, the ribs had 1100 calories and 63 grams of fat. Ugh, I was disgusted after I looked at this (after I ate it, of course). For dinner, a Jamba Juice Smoothie, to hopefully offset all that nastiness. I got on the scale about 10 times today because I expected a bigger loss, but every time the number was the same. It’s okay because the scale is moving in the right direction. I’m also hoping to work out more this week (longer workouts and possibly more workouts). Here are this week’s stats:

Beachbody Week 2:

1/15 Weigh In: 212.0 lbs.

This week’s Weigh In: 211.2

Change: -0.8 lbs.

1st Goal: 5 lbs.

1.2 lbs to go.


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