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Beachbody Challenge – Week 3 February 10, 2012

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Oh what an awful week. I have been struggling with the scale all week. Of course I periodically weigh myself throughout the week, even though it isn’t an official weigh in day. Why? Apparently I thoroughly enjoy torturing myself.

This week’s weigh in was no different than last week’s. I got on the scale numerous times. Each time, the same number appeared. It was disappointing, to say the least. The result? A .6 lb gain. Ugh. I am quickly losing my motivation. This is not good.

I’ve been sticking to eating healthy. Honestly, that hasn’t even been a challenge for me. We did go out to eat yesterday (Red Robin) and it just didn’t taste as good as it did the first time I went. I’m not sure if the novelty of it had worn off or if I’m just not into eating fattening, disgusting (but yummy) food. Maybe I’m just getting used to eating healthy! I still do enjoy baked goods though – brownies, cookies, etc. – and that’s why I don’t bake any or buy anything like that to bring into my house! Self-control = do not buy it! Once it’s in the house, it’s all down hill from there.

I got a really great response to my weight gain, when I posted it on Facebook. You have to be honest with yourself. If I’m going to share my wins, I have to share my losses (or gains). A lot of people reassured me that it is muscle that I’m gaining and that the number on the scale doesn’t matter. Easier said than done. When you’ve been overweight for so long, all you ever see (and all doctors ever care about) is the number on the scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re short, fat, and exercise all the time – the number is what everyone cares about. The longer you live your life overweight, the more you are taught that the number on the scale is what matters. It’s going to be an incredibly hard cycle to break.

I have definitely noticed some positive changes. First off, I’ve definitely lost some inches around my waist and arms. I’ve just done a quick measuring, but about .5″ around the arms and 2″ around the waist. I won’t take official measurements until Week 4. My pants feel a tad looser. Valentina also had a swim lesson this week and I noticed it was easier to get out of the pool than in sessions past (they’re not regular stairs and you have to pull yourself up on the railing). I’ve always been afraid I didn’t have the strength to pull myself up and yesterday I noticed that it was a little easier. Yay for small victories, right?

I’m worried about the week ahead as there will be some obstacles:

  • My workout partner won’t be here for the workouts. I hope I can get my ass out of bed and in front of the tv!
  • My workout partner/husband won’t be here to help me with the Little Monster (aka, the Toddler). That means I’m more likely to eat whatever just because I’m stressed out. I hate playing single parent.
  • I’m working from home. Working from home is supposed to make me feel less stressed out as I won’t be rushing in the morning and evening to get everyone (the child, myself, and the dog) ready. Yet, when I’m at home, I tend to snack more. Luckily there is no junk food in this house!!!

I’m going to give it my best this week. I’ll be thinking of all the encouraging things my friends and family said to me today and that will keep me going! I just hope that staring at all the skinny people in the TurboFire videos won’t cause me to throw something through the tv this week! I need to see some fat chicks doing TurboFire…now that would motivate me!

Beachbody  Week 3

1/22 Weigh In: 211.2 lbs.

This week’s Weigh In: 211.8

Change: +0.6 lbs.

1st Goal: 5 lbs.

1.8 lbs to go.


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