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Weight Loss Week 7 – Sabotage October 24, 2011

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Why do I do this to myself? Allowing myself to cheat, just a little bit on the weekends, has turned into a complete and utter downfall. It’s terrible. In the last two weeks, I have gained (I think) all the weight I lost (not that it was much to begin with). F my life.

Why do I do this? I love junk. I can’t control myself. Once I allow myself a little leeway, I’m completely off the wagon. It’s terrible. Here’s the stats:

Week 7 Stats:

Week 6 Starting Weight: 209.6 lbs.

10/24 Weigh In: 209.8 lbs.

Change: +.2 lbs.

1st Goal Weight: 175 lbs. (my wedding day weight)

34.8 lbs to go.

What Went Wrong:

  1. Had a day off and was outlet shopping about an hour away from my house. I was out at lunchtime and ended up at McDonald’s with a 10 piece chicken nuggets meal. FAIL.
  2. On the same night, hubby had dinner plans with friend and it was a second trip to McDonald’s for me and my daughte
    Peanut butter cups, sticks, and pieces being g...

    EndoGal's favorite candy!

    r. I got a happy meal! Not so bad. But, I also stopped at Walgreens to get some chocolate because I got my period. By some chocolate, I mean: king size Reese’s, king size Kit Kat, king size Twix, and a Hershey bar for my daughter (which I ended up eating the next day because she didn’t). FAIL.…especially since I didn’t even enjoy eating all that junk. DOUBLE FAIL.

  3. We had a potluck dinner with friends on Friday night! It was fun! The food, of course was bad (delicious, but nutritionally bad). I made a fabulous Mexican Style Dip which was more like a taco bake! In my defense, I did make it with reduced fat cheese and extra lean turkey meat! It was yummy! I also made homemade corn muffins which were alright. I’m a sucker for corn bread though! I also had a few glasses of wine. FAIL.
  4. We had a weekend visitor and weren’t too terrible. I did, however, get awesome cider donuts when we went pumpkin picking! A dozen total. That means 6 donuts for me and 6 donuts for the hubby. There are still 4 left which means they are getting eaten tonight. FAIL.
  5. Still not feeling super motivated and now I’m thinking about the upcoming holidays and asking myself, “Why bother now?” FML

I need a muzzle … and a liquid diet. 


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